The practice of cooking with steam is not something new. It is a common cooking method for all kinds of dishes including popular dishes like dumplings. Steaming vegetables in a stove top basin/steaming basket is a more common method known in North America, however, traditional methods of cooking with steam do not produce the amazing results you can achieve in a combination steam oven.

The combination steam oven refers to the combination of the traditional oven cooking, either with radiant conventional heat or convection, with the addition of steam to the oven cavity. Generally, modern steam ovens have a steam generator, where water is rapidly heated to a steam and then injected into the oven.

Advantages of cooking with steam

Almost no loss of nutrients

When food is boiled, nutrients tends to leach out, but when you steam food, you get a similar effect cooking with moisture, but there is no submersion or contact with water so there is nothing to take the nutrients away from the food. Studies have shown that steamed broccoli, for example, contains 50% more vitamin C than boiled broccoli.

Low-fat cooking

With the added moisture to keep food from drying out, you can reduce the amount of fat used when cooking or, depending on taste preference, cook with no additional fat at all. When meat is steamed, the fat separates itself from the meat and drips into the baking


When you reheat food with steam, you preserve flavours and in most cases preserve a freshly cooked texture.

Cooking Meat

Golden on the outside; moist on the inside. Dry meat is a thing of the past. With the dual function of standard convection oven and steam, you can get perfect results every time. Forgot to take your meat out of the freezer? Not a problem, with the right amount of steam you can still get a perfect cook even from frozen.

Appetizing Appearance

When cooking with steam, foods retain their natural colour. Cooked vegetables look like
they have been freshly harvested. You hardly need to stir or turn the food, which means that even delicate fish dishes retain their shape. Foods do not dry out.

Flavourful enjoyment

Steaming brings out and enhances foods natural flavour, you’ll find yourself using needs less salt for full robust flavour.

Cooking Multiple Dishes

With steam you can cook several components of a menu at the same time, steam helps to lock in the flavour preventing spreading to other food in the oven.

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