Our design process is very hands-on for every project. We want to make sure every client we work with feels taken care of and is 100% satisfied with the work we do!

1. Site Visit and Measurement

Before we start talking design, we arrange to meet with you, the client,  at your home. We like to walk through the space and get a good feel for your needs. On this initial site visit, we take measurements of the space being worked on. We discuss what the goal is design-wise, and you want to achieve with space.  It is important that the designer gets a feel for the flow of the room and how to incorporate surrounding areas into the design. There may be is a desire to remove a wall or change the function of a space. Details such as door styles, colours, and cabinet configuration are discussed to make the custom design unique to the needs, desires and dreams of your vision for the kitchen space.

2. Drawings and Design

Once we have our measurements and details, our designer starts digitally building the space and begins the design process. When the initial design is complete with our 3D Design Software, we contact you for another appointment to look over the design, give your opinion and approval of the initial drawing.  We make as many changes as you need until you are happy with the final product. We give a free quote for the job. When the quoted price is accepted, then your custom kitchen is ordered.

3. Installation

When your space is ready and cabinets are ordered, we start installing your beautiful new cabinetry. We start with a site visit and end with a final site visit to make sure you are totally satisfied with the install.

Sounds simple! A lot of planning and careful calculations go into designing a new kitchen. A slight miscalculation can be time-consuming and costly come installation time. So we take extra care to make sure everything is done right the first time and everything goes smoothly. We even offer expert support to make sure your plumbing and electrical are all correct for the appliances you choose, just to take that extra level of precaution and save you time and money in the end.

Still have questions or are interested in getting your next project started? Come visit us in our showroom!