Ever dreamed of having your own personal chef or barista? Or maybe it’d be fun to have a handy helper who’ll run errands for you around the house.

While those things might still be pipe dreams, there are a few home appliances that can truly make your life much easier.

Thanks to technology, you no longer have to do all the mundane tasks yourself!

Keep reading for 7 home appliances that’ll make adulting a breeze.

1. Slow Cooker

It may not be a personal chef, but a slow cooker is almost as good.

Maybe you want healthy and wholesome home-cooked meals for the family, but don’t have all day to make them. If that sounds like you, then you need a slow cooker!

A slow cooker is one of those home appliances that make mealtimes easy peasy. Just throw in your ingredients, pop the lid on, and flick a switch. Then come back in a few hours for a delicious, from-scratch meal.

You can make all sorts of recipes in your slow cooker, from joints of meat to casseroles, and even dessert!

We love the All-Clad for its 6.5qt capacity, and its ceramic dish insert.

2. Stand Mixer

If you’re feeling inspired and fancy some baking, but beating eggs for minutes on end doesn’t sound like your thing, then a stand mixer’s what you’re missing.

A stand mixer makes light work of whisking egg whites for meringue, whipping cream to spread on a sponge, and kneading dough for bread.

Your cakes will come out light and fluffy, as your stand mixer will beat in just the right amount of air, without all the guesswork. All you need to do is add the ingredients, stand back and watch it go.

The Smeg Retro Collection stand mixer is one of our favourites. It comes in 7 different colours, with 3 attachments for all your baking needs. You can even buy an accessory to make homemade pasta in minutes!

3. Smart Coffee Maker

So, your own personal barista might sound ludicrous, but with a smart coffee machine, it’s as close as you’ll get in the comfort of your own home.

Smart technology’s come a long way, and now you can do cool things like brew your morning coffee from underneath your snuggly duvet.

Many machines use Bluetooth connectivity or have a built-in wireless receiver, so you can control them from your mobile device.

The Nespresso Expert is both stylish and functional, with its polished grey or off-black exterior, and its ability to tailor-make your perfect coffee. Whether you like it hot, black, white or frothy, this clever piece of tech does it all.

4. Food Processor

Are you the kind of person who loves to whip up culinary delights in the kitchen, but can’t stand all the chopping, slicing and mixing that goes along with it?

Save yourself heaps of time (and onion-induced tears) by getting yourself a food processor as part of your home appliances arsenal.

These wonderful machines will chop, slice, knead or shred at just the touch of a button. Just choose your blade and you’re good to go. It’ll make veg prep look simple, so all you have to do is throw ingredients into a pan and cook up a storm.

The Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro is just awesome. Slice vegetables, chop french fries, knead bread dough and make nut butter, all with one appliance.

5. Key Finder

Some people neatly hang their keys on a pretty little hook that’s conveniently located for easy access every morning.

Other people run around in a mad panic each morning, frantically searching through bags, in shoes, and in the kids’ toybox, wondering where on earth their keys could have got to.

Whichever scenario sounds like you (but especially if you’re the frantic panicker), keeping track of your keys wherever you are is suddenly made super simple with a key finder.

These tiny little gadgets attach to your keys, your handbag, or anything else you don’t want to lose. Just use your mobile device to make them ring, and you’ll find what you need in seconds.

We love the Tile Mate for its classic design and cool features. Not only will you find whatever it’s attached to – if you lose your phone, your Tile Mate can make it ring, even when it’s on silent!

6. Electric Tea Kettle

This little gadget is one of the home appliances that’s often overlooked. When you need boiling water in a cinch, this guy’s just what you need.

Whether it’s boiling water for a cup of tea, a pot of pasta or to sterilise your baby’s pacifiers, you’ll be waiting for aaaaaages unless you have an electric tea kettle.

This Smeg Retro Collection kettle lets you vary the temperature, so you can brew that ideal cup of coffee, or turn up the heat for your tea. It comes in 7 different colours — a perfect match for your Smeg Retro stand mixer.

7. Smart WiFi Plug

If home-help is what you crave but out of reach, the smart WiFi plug is what’ll make your home do the hard work for you.

A smart plug with WiFi connectivity allows you to remotely control whichever of your home appliances is plugged into it. All you need to do is open up the app on your mobile device, and you can control your device from absolutely anywhere!

You can make toast from bed, turn on your slow cooker at work, even heat up your living room before you get home, all with the help of your smart WiFi plug.

We recommend the TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug Mini. It’s so smart that, with the right equipment, you can even control your home appliances by talking to them! How easy (and futuristic) is that!

The Verdict on Home Appliances for an Easy Life

While a home-help robot is still a thing of the future, there are loads of ways to make life much easier in the present.

With life so busy and a home to run, our top 7 appliances will help lighten the load.

From homecooked meals in minutes to freshly brewed coffee waiting for you as you roll out of bed, you’ll get more time with the family and spend less time running around like a headless chicken. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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