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European Appliances

At Eurohome Kitchen & Appliances, we aim to bring you the highest quality of appliances to help you create a kitchen that’s a gorgeous showpiece in your home, while performing at the highest quality. Let our experts help you feel like royalty in your home.

Luxury has never looked- or performed- so great.

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Our Brands


AEG (Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft, or “General Electric Company”) is a German brand that was founded in the 1800s. Having over 130 years of experience, they produce some of the highest quality products with the latest technologies on the market.


Gorenje stands behind their philosophy “Life Simplified.” They believe that household appliances should do the work for you, with the operation made simple, so household chores are made easier, and life is less complicated.


Liebherr has been making high-quality premium products for over 60 years. They manufacture some of the top refrigeration and freezer units in the world. Choosing a Liebherr means choosing to extend the storage life and freshness of your food.


For over 65 years now, SMEG appliances have come to be seen as tasteful and elegant solutions to the demands of contemporary living as a result of the company’s partnerships with world-famous architects.

Porter & Charles

Porter & Charles was founded in 2005 in Ontario with the mission statement, ‘Provide a high quality and well-priced range of appliances for the market.’ This private label has since grown exponentially, and is now sold nation-wide to meet increased consumer demand in this market sector.