Black Stainless, does it scratch?

Black stainless is a growing trend in the appliance industry. As traditional black and white appliances slowly became less popular for the arguably timeless stainless steel, custom panels for matching cabinetry, vibrant colours and now black stainless are becoming a growing trend.

When we first started carrying Samsung and their black stainless line, we had a customer ask us about potential scratches on the black stainless. Black stainless, on any appliance brand, is a black coating over stainless steel. So depending on the quality of the finish, the worry was that once it was scratched it would begin to flake off.

Yale Appliance + Lighting¬†did a comparison video of their most popular black stainless refrigerators and conducted a scratch test, so thankfully we don’t have to ruin some perfectly good refrigerators to show you the difference in the quality of black stainless finishes. You can read their post at the link below and watch the video of their scratch test.

Yale Appliance + Lighting Black Stainless Scratch Test.

You can see the results below of their test.

Courtesy of Yale Appliance + Lighting

You can see from the results, Samsung black stainless refrigerator outperformed by quite a bit. This has to do with both the quality of the finish and the method of application. You can see in all the results the shiny stainless showing through the black. When scratched deep enough, you remove the black finish to reveal the stainless underneath.

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