A counter-depth refrigerator is one the easiest ways to modernize your kitchen and make it feel bigger.

What is a counter-depth refrigerator?

Counter-Depth does not translate the same across every refrigerator. A true Counter-Depth refrigerator when properly installed, will not protrude past standard depth countertops, generally around 24″ to 25″. This is a great way to utilize space in smaller kitchens or add a level of sophistication to any kitchen design.

Different Styles of Counter-Depth

The 24″ to 25″ deep installation is typical for Built-In and Integrated refrigerators as well. In most cases, the handle of the refrigerator will stick out past the 25″ mark. The image below is a Liebherr counter depth refrigerator. Liebherr’s entire line-up is counter depth. HC2060¬†seen below is a fully integrated model with stainless steel panels.

In other cases, and this typically applies to a free-standing unit, the body of the refrigerator¬†is counter depth, at 24″ to 25″ and the door then protrudes beyond that. Counter-depth in this situation still makes a big difference in saving floor space, with minimal loss to the total capacity of a full depth refrigerator. Below is an example of a Samsung counter-depth refrigerator model RF28K9070SR/AA.

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