When has electricity ever been inexpensive? I can remember my father back in the 50’s following me about the house to make sure I turned off lights when I left the room! And since then prices have done nothing but rise as demand increases.

We must admit, however, that we do love our “mod-cons” and therefore should be ready and able to pay the price of using them. If we want our electrical devices but would like to pay less for using them… help is on the way! In the 50’s to 80’s I don’t ever remember choosing an appliance based on its energy consumption. When the energy crisis came along we all took closer looks at how much energy our appliances were actually using. We didn’t need to look any further than our European manufacturers. A lot of what was produced after the war in Europe was designed with maximum efficiency as the price of energy was extremely high. “Time-of-use” energy was a fact of life in Europe while we were still blissfully unaware that better appliances existed. In the 70’s and 80’s the Europeans turned their attentions to the North American marketplace, offering beautifully designed, energy-efficient alternatives that were a kitchen designers’ delight. Totally integrated refrigerators (behind cabinet doors), convection ovens, almost-silent dishwashers and extractor fans that actually worked, became available to Canadian consumers. AEG and Liebherr were at the forefront of that movement and are still leaders in the “green” movement today. Both the manufacturing and operation of the appliances are done with a keen eye to energy efficiency and sustainable practices.

All of AEG and Liebherr’s appliances are RoHS compliant (Reduction of certain Hazardous Substances), a European directive that calls for the reduction or elimination of potentially harmful substances such as lead, cadmium, mercury, and chromium in the manufacturing process. Since 2000 AEG has reduced energy consumption in its washing machines, dishwashers and ovens by 25% to 30% and a whopping 50% less energy than those manufactured in the 1980’s! You actually use less energy doing dishes in an AEG dishwasher, than doing them by hand. Since I really don’t like doing dishes by hand, this is great news!

Your refrigerator is the only appliance in your home that runs 24/7. That is why Liebherr’s variable speed compressors always run at the perfect speed and utilize a soft-start technology to create a highly efficient, energy saving appliance. For example, the 30 inch, 15.5 cu. Ft model operates for approximately $45.00 (at an electricity cost of 10.65 cents per KWH). Energy consumption is also low due to the DuoCooling, or separate compressors for the refrigerator and freezer. With single compressor refrigerators, it is much more difficult (and costly) to maintain optimal storage conditions.

A home completely equipped with AEG and Liebherr appliances would be one of the most energy efficient on the block… oh, and did I mention one of the best-looking too! Come in today and let us show you how you can save enough money to keep those light bulbs burning!

So if you are tired of replacing your out-moded refrigerator every few years, come in and see what Liebherr is all about. You will be glad you stopped by.

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