Cooking in an oven is cooking in an oven….right? Not anymore now that the new cooking methods; convection and steam; are making inroads into the Canadian market. Actually, the Canadian market has had access to these products for many years but making them a household name has been a slow but growing process.

Let’s start with true convection cooking. A true convection oven has a fan that is surrounded by an element so that hot air continuously circulates throughout the oven cavity, this is in addition to AEG’s integrated bottom and recessed top elements for traditional radiant cooking. This not only cooks the food but it speeds up the chemical reactions that happen when you rapidly heat uncooked food. The butter in a pie crust releases its steam quickly creating flaky layers. The skin of a roasting chicken renders its fat and browns more quickly so the meat cooks faster and stays juicier. That is why your roasting pan becomes redundant. In a convection oven, you roast that chicken on a rack with a drip pan below and watch the browning happen! Generally speaking, the food cooked in a convection oven is usually done in a third less time and at a third less temperature. Also, imagine cooking 3 or more sheets of cookies at the same time with perfect results on each level. That’s a full cookie recipe cooked at one time saving all that energy required in a traditional radiant oven.

Now add the newest function available…STEAM! You can do all of the above cooking and add another layer of health benefits by introducing steam into the oven cavity. Steam cooked foods retain more of their flavor, texture, and colour, meaning there are fewer vitamins, minerals, and nutrients lost. The moist nature of steam heat means that food doesn’t dry out. Even lean cuts of meat, like venison, don’t need any added fat to come out fork tender. You can also do non-traditional oven foods like rice, pasta, and vegetables which require much more water cooking on a stove top and consequently letting precious nutrients escape. Last but not least, professional quality bakery bread that is crisp and brown on the outside and fluffy and moist on the inside. There’s really nothing you can’t cook with a steam oven that has the ability to choose 25%, 50%, and 100% steam. Try experimenting with any kind of food to see how you can include steam in your own home.

If you need our help or would like to see a demonstration of the above, amazing cooking machines, call our showroom and make an appointment with our appliance experts. Better, healthier, and more flavourful cooking results are right around the corner.