Pick up any glossy decorating magazine or call up similar web pages on your computer and you will see amazing European-designed appliances, sinks, cabinets, etc. Then, imagine that all of them can be seen without smog or traffic congestion by simply staying in rural Huron County! Day-tripping to the city for a Euro-design fix is no longer necessary.

It is astounding the number of products and services previously thought to be urban exclusive that are available right here. We showcase Liebherr, AEG, SMEG, and Porter & Charles appliances, so you can discover the wonders of induction or steam cooking, microwaves that also grill, and appliances that disappear into the cabinetry! Believe it or not, our showroom just 1km east of Wingham, Ontario is the place to see all of the above and so much more.

Home furnishings have all been dramatically influenced by European design trends. The kitchen, however, is the room that has felt the most impact. The European concept of “seamless integration” – cabinets and appliances that appeared to be made for one another are now available close to home.

Over time, the “marriage” of appliances and cabinetry has become even stronger and is now the premise behind Eurohome Kitchens and Appliances and Deslaurier cabinetry. While the appliances are, indeed, manufactured in Europe, Deslaurier cabinets are produced in Ottawa, Ontario. The two concepts come together in our showroom, where the appearance, function, design, and servicing are all in-house. Not only do we sell our products, we will give you a guided tour that might include a cooking demonstration or technical assistance to your contractor, builder, or designer. The era of over-sized, under-performing appliances has passed, and in its place are sleek, energy-efficient, environmentally conscious ones that can be serviced right here at home. It is a venue with the end-user always in mind.

We are here to design you a new kitchen, or to alter the one you already love, and to incorporate these state-of-the-art, cooking, cooling and cleaning machines. Come in for a visit and or set up an on-site consultation. We are staffed with experienced kitchen and appliance specialists who believe this “marriage” is here to stay.